Home Additions in St. Louis, MO

Once upon a time you bought a home for your family in the St. Louis area. Since then, your family has expanded, causing you to outgrow the space. Instead of packing up your belongings and moving to a new neighborhood, consider a home addition from Whalen Custom Homes. A home addition allows you to keep the features you like about your home while changing the things you don’t. Whether it’s for your growing family or a junior chef who craves more kitchen space, a custom designed addition will enhance the function, aesthetic, and market value of your home.

When you choose Whalen Custom Homes, you can rest assured knowing we go beyond the basics of seamlessly blending architecture and style to that of your original home. We’re passionate about improving the way your family lives, and that drives a deeper level of commitment to understanding the gap between how your family currently lives and how you wish to live.

We will coordinate every detail to ensure a seamless integration of your existing home with the new addition. Our home additions never look like they were slapped on as an afterthought. To get a clear picture of how a home addition will best suit your lifestyle, our award-winning team will examine every detail of your home and its neighborhood.

We’ve helped homeowners throughout the St. Louis metro area create a more enjoyable living space. To learn how we can assist you with a home addition, request a consultation today!

Ready To Turn Your Home Addition Into Reality?