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There Is Nothing Like A Good, Hot Soak

You have probably heard it said that there is nothing like a good, hot soak. This is true, because there isn’t. This master bathroom was built around this most fundamental form of hydrotherapy. The buoyancy created by water temporarily relieves some of gravity’s stress on your body, while the water’s heat fosters deep relaxation. The hydrotherapy provided by this simple soaking tub is a natural and organic form of pain relief that works its magic in two primary ways. First, the experience provides the bather with the sensation of weightlessness and significantly relieves the body of the effects of gravity. The buoyancy of water reduces body weight by 90%, easing pressure on aching joints, muscles and bones. Secondly, the water serves as a medium for heat therapy. Soaking in warm water quiets the body and slows internal organs. Heat dilates blood vessels and increases circulation in the body, thus allowing enzymes and endorphins (the body’s natural pain relievers) to work more quickly and effectively. It also stimulates sweating and increases the elimination of toxins.

Vanity Tops
Cambria Summerhill Coastal Collection
Soaking Tub
MTI MTIMBSOFSX6636WH “MTI Basics” 66″ Soaking Tub
Knoxwood by Marazzi
Color: Caraway
Sizes: 6×24
SKU: KW02624S1PR
Technology: Glazed Porcelain
Shower Walls
Soho Collection
4″ x 16″ Wall Tile
White Glossy
Shower Floor
Soho Collection
2″ Hexagon Mosaics
White Matte

Soaking Tub
This soaking tub by MTI provides the perfect environment for taking advantage of basic forms of hydrotherapy. Tubs in MTI’s exclusive Boutique Collection have comfortably designed interiors, making it easy for you to lose track of time. And the composition of MTI’s “ESS” (Engineered Solid Stone) material, as well as its solid thickness of over 1″, provide excellent insulation to help maintain bath water warmth. Designer Collection tubs feature ergonomically designed interiors, with acrylic bath shells reinforced with a material mixture that is thicker than most others, not only making the tubs more structurally durable but also increasing their insulating properties, so the bath water stays warmer longer.

Vanity Tops
Calm and serene with dramatic accents, these Summerhill vanity tops are named for the Welsh coastal village where stately clouds drift gently out to sea across a silver-dappled sky. Cambria is much harder than granite or marble making it more durable. That means Cambria is less likely to scratch, chip, or stain for years of worry-free service.

In Knoxwood by Marazzi, stunning 3d visuals and grainline variations from plank to plank epitomize the random characteristics of wood, while the porcelain body ensures strength and durability. Well-suited for both wet and dry areas, Knoxwood exudes the warmth and richness of natural wood in a 6”x24” plank and entices the eye in any space.

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